Why are Twitch VoDs so Laggy? Fixes, Tips and Solutions

By thunderroad

April 9, 2021

Nothing is worse than watching your latest VoD from your last stream and realizing the videos skips or audio glitched in and out. This is especially common with larger streamers

Why does lag happen on VoDs?

It could be a variety of different things including some fixes on your end

  • Checking for malware
  • closing background applications on your computer

but likely comes down to one of these reasons:

  1. Lag during stream
  2. Lag during recording (Twitch’s end)
  3. Buffering issues

Lag during stream

If the streamer was having connection issues or dropping frames while live, it’s very possible that lag is visible when seeing the playback or VoD of that stream. As mentioned, larger streamers may experience this especially

Lag during recording

Even if the stream didn’t lag while live, it is possible that twitch had issues when rendering the recording.

Buffering Issues

It’s possible that your connection might not be stable enough, try adjusting your quality settings to prevent lag.

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