Twitch Time Machine Error (Content is Unavailable)

By thunderroad

November 12, 2020

Twitch Time Machine Error

The Twitch time machine error can occur for different reasons but results in one common theme: the content is no longer available. The message will essentially say, sorry, unless you possess a time machine that content is inaccessible on the app and website.

You might get the Twitch time machine error message due to a few reasons. Here's what you need to know to help access the streams you love so well.

1) The Twitch Channel was Banned

Bans are the most common reasons for the Twitch time machine error message. When a streamer gets banned, the channel URL will still exist. However, the content is unavailable. Users can’t watch streams, interact, chat with them, or send offline messages to the streamer. It’s a sorry state of affairs.

As long as the channel is no longer available, you can’t get back the content—well, unless you’ve got a way to turn back time.

2) The Streamer Changed Their Channel Name

Sometimes, a streamer might change their name due to various causes. But ultimately, it will lead to a “sorry; this content is no longer available” message.

Many new and popular Twitch users start their careers with a username based on their favorite game. However, when they see a username that suits their live streams and chat better, they will make the switch. The name change means the content is unavailable.

If you find a link from social media profiles like Twitter to access a live stream, the URL may not have updated yet. Channel name changes are a common reason for the Twitch time machine error. If you still see that “sorry, the content is unavailable” after trying to locate the right channel, the time machine error could well be due to a different reason.

Some online tools may be able to help you find the new name of a channel. However, the easiest method is to check the streamer’s socials or send a quick chat to ask for help with a new link.

3) The Channel Name Not Recycled

Every six to twelve months, Twitch .com recycles previously used names. This way, another user could have the former name of their favorite Twitch channel. Once Twitch has recycled the username, it will provide it for others who want to make the switch.

If you ever came across a channel name but got a time machine that content note, it could be because of the channel name recycling. Most likely, someone else made the username, but another user is not able to take it yet.

If a user doesn’t access an account’s data for a long time, i.e., twelve months, the Twitch app will release the username and make it available. Unless you’ve got a Twitch account with regular logins, it will get deleted. This way, no one is trying to hoard usernames that everyone will like. But until Twitch recycles the name, users trying to access it will see a time machine that content doesn’t exist error.

Some names you may want are never available, like brand names that could have copyright. This restriction prevents Twitch .com users from being able to upload media or stream that wrongly represents an affiliate or brand. If names are still not available, you will see the time machine message that appears like a title. Copyright issues are common on Twitch and create the “sorry, time machine” error.

4) You Need To Clear Your Browser Cookies and Cache

To experience updated content on a page, it may be time to clear your browser cookies and cache. It could be why you got a time machine error from the Twitch app.

When the Twitch user clears their cache and revisits the channel page, the site should let them view the stream. Cache clearing loads a new version of the app or page and fixes the error. The data should become available.

If the content or link is still unavailable after trying to clear the cache, check out some other tips for help.

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