How to Play Marbles On Stream (for Twitch)

By thunderroad

October 31, 2020

Playing Marbles On Stream as a viewer on Twitch is extremely easy!

First, find a streamer to play with.

Then, type !play in the chat before the streamer starts the race.

and that’s it!

You don’t control the marble and the races are random, so just sit back and enjoy the race!

Other game modes:

  • Boost mode– you can type !boost during the race
  • Marble Royale – you can type !target @(username) or !target random to target a marble to attack
  • Tilted – You type !play and the streamer controls the board to get the marbles into the finish after completing various obstacles.

Changing your Marbles Skin:

  1. Many streamers will have different marbles that you can use on the side of their screen. By typing numbers 1-30 after your !play, you can use these marbles. For example, if I want to play with the streamer’s 3rd loadout, I would type “!play 3”
  2. They also offer coins that you can earn through Twitch Drops every Friday. You can use the Community Coins to purchase Community Chests on the app (see below) to win exclusive marble skins.
  3. Purchasing PBP Coins to use at the store in-app (see below).

iOS/Android App:

You can keep track of energy and leaderboard points, access in-game purchases, and customize your marble via the Marbles on Stream Apps available for both iOS and Android.

MoS Chatbot Commands

The PixelbyPixel_Bot provides various commands to explain different aspects of the game.

Type “!mos faq list” to be whispered a list of these commands.

As a Streamer

If you are looking to play Marbles on Stream as a Twitch Streamer, you need to download the game on Steam.

After launching the game, connect your Twitch account by clicking in the top right corner.

Obviously, makes sure it is being captured on your OBS before you start your stream.

Once you are connected, you can choose individual races or create a grand prix of multiple races. You are free to choose from studio tracks or community built tracks that are constantly being added.

We ranked Marbles on Stream as one of the best games for new Twitch streamers because of the tight-knit community and friendliness to new players.

Need some help playing Marbles on Stream?

Feel free to ask me any questions on Twitch:

and drop a follow while you’re at it, I love connecting with other streamers!

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